This pyramid with 4 surface shells each in the size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 meters with a squared mirrored basement has a fascinating inside of 3360 circles next to each other build like a mosaic. The artist Theda Gutenberg has worked on it over 10 years as if to document in a diary life´s pulpable ups and downs. Take a look into this opened diary, installed in the pyramid. Now stand under it and see the reflecting moments mirrod below.

This pyramid art installation will fascinate you. Are you the one who will curate it ?

Pyramides are powerful life forces. You can feel the power of every person´s life, while imagine all the lights, shades and colours of the emotional inside´s of us.

Theda Gutenberg states: " This work helped me to face and overcome my demons. It was the ritualistic process of molding these circles that taught me that birth enables strength. This profound process liberated me.